Crawford County Mental Health Center History


Crawford County Mental Health Center was founded by Crawford County Commissioners in accordance with Kansas state statute in 1960s, as part of governmental entity, Crawford County, Kansas. Crawford County Mental Health Center is governed by its own Mental Health Board.



Crawford County Mental Health Center Mission


To provide a wide range of mental health services that have a demonstrated need in the community, giving priority to those services, which are not or cannot be provided at an affordable rate by other sectors of the community. Crawford County Mental Health Center (CCMHC) will service all residents of Crawford County and the surrounding areas, without regard to race, age, creed, color, national origin, or economic status.


CCMHC strives to empower all individuals and families to receive basic mental health and addiction treatment services so that they may sustain life in the least restrictive environment and live life to their fullest potential as dignified and worthy human beings with rights and responsibilities as citizens of Kansas. To that end, we create, encourage, and advocate opportunities for personal change by providing consumer focused services and consumer driven interagency collaboration in Southeast Kansas.


Crawford County Mental Health Center Programs


Adult Services


Challenger Program


Crisis Services


Discovery Program


Mental Health Services


Substance Abuse



FACT, Inc. Families and Children Together, Inc.

FACT, Inc. exists to provide philanthropic support for mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs.




FACT, Inc. History

FACT, Inc. a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) in Kansas has been registered with the Kansas Secretary of State since August 21, 1991.  As stated in Article III, 1 Nature of Business in the Articles of Incorporation of FACT, Inc., “This corporation is organized not for profit.”




FACT, Inc. Mission

To receive and maintain a fund or funds in order to create the development of a single, integrated, coordinated and collaborative effort to serve children and their families in Crawford County, Kansas and the Southeast Kansas area. The general purposes of the corporation are to operate solely and exclusively as a charitable, scientific, literary and educational corporation;


To further such objects and purposes, the corporation shall have and may exercise all the powers conferred by the laws of the State of Kansas upon corporations formed under laws pursuant to and under this corporation is formed, as such laws are now in effect or may at any time hereafter be amended. Specifically, this corporation shall have power to acquire, purchase, hold, lease, convey, mortgage, and pledge such real and personal property in Kansas, other states of the United States and elsewhere, as shall be necessary or convenient to the transaction of its business and realization of its objects and purposes.