Trail of the Warrior

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All proceeds will benefit the FACT, Inc. Foundation and Crawford County Mental Health Center to provide education, prevention, and treatment of mental illness and substance abuse.

About the Author R. H. Pfeiffer was born in Fort Scott, Kansas in 1950s. “Trail of the Warrior” is his third book, and his first published work; his earlier works include the manuscripts “Love Against Love” and “Candles Fire and Flame.” The story in Trail of the Warrior was written over the past three years and is based on a fictional blend of his life, friends, and colleagues. The core concept of Trail of the Warrior is a stream of consciousness from R.H.’s life in recovery and service from the last forty-two years. Written with the inspiration of a dog, the seeking of a restless soul for a higher power, and the love and support of colleagues. As a storyteller R.H. believes the highest level of truths are the lessons our lives express by the heart to each other as human spirits. We are the most powerful when we have a teaching that captures our voice as it heals. This book is that voice that illuminates the trail of a Warrior.

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Chapter 1 Preview

All proceeds will benefit the FACT, Inc. Foundation and Crawford County Mental Health Center to provide education, prevention, and treatment of mental illness and substance abuse.
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2 reviews for Trail of the Warrior

  1. 5 out of 5

    “Trail of the Warrior” is a remarkable writing about the struggles and triumphs of a young man suffering from the disease of addiction. This work addresses not only Charlie, but also his family and friends who, along with him, struggle to understand this cunning, baffling and powerful disease. The author takes you down the recovery path with Charlie, Liza, Joe, Claire, and others as each shares his experience, and all with the overarching support of Rosie, a non-judgmental, caring dog…a God-send. As a registered nurse working in the field of addiction treatment, I find R.H. Pfeiffer’s work to be authentic and true-to-life, heart-wrenching yet hopeful and optimistic. It reinforces the message that those suffering from addiction are not alone in this journey. I highly recommend “Trail of the Warrior” for anyone actively battling addiction or in recovery, family and friends struggling to understand and cope with addiction, those who have encountered abuse in their lives, animal enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an insightful, heart-warming, compelling book to read; one that will touch the lives of many. An amazing book!

  2. 5 out of 5

    In reading the Trail of the Warrior, I found myself looking at life through the eyes of the characters in the novel. As a practicing clinician, I have worked with those with addiction, mental illness, those who have suffered from domestic abuse and trauma for many years. I can truly say, through reading the Trail of the Warrior, RH Pfeiffer took me to a place that I have never been before. What havoc the disease of addiction does and how treatment and recovery are the salvation for so many. A program must offer more than a stale clinical environment. Rosie epitomizes that the unconditional love of a pet can be the one thing it takes to begin the process of recovery. I could feel what Liza was feeling and I was with Charlie as he experienced trauma and the throws of addiction and as he found the courage and perseverance it took to be in sustained recovery. It brought me to a place that I had never been before a true glimpse of what their reality was like. It made me think that although I consider myself an empathic person and professional, after reading this novel I could truly better understand what it takes to reach someone’s heart and mind to the extent that they can begin to heal. It brings to bear what RH has often said: “These aren’t bad people trying to be good, these are sick people trying to get well.” I look forward as this book is more widely read that it will be more than an excellent read, but an opportunity for those who have had the pleasure to read it to explore with each other what they and others took from the book. It will be the beginning of much discussion and study of how it could promote further healing.

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