Adult Services

A supportive service that is provided on an individual basis per consumers needs.  This can be 1 hour to 24 hours per day if necessary.  Prevention of hospitalization or out-of-home placement is implicit in the definition of attendant care, whether provided for purposes of prevention, maintenance, reintegration, therapy, or crisis intervention.


A consumer-focused program, which is based on the strengths perspective.  Case Management is a medically indicated service to link consumers with resources in the community.  Consumers identify their own goals and objectives to be reached and case managers provide assistance.  A comprehensive assessment is first completed which identifies the consumer wants, needs, and initial treatment plan.  Case Managers remain available on an as needed basis for crisis intervention.

Initial assessment and documentation including a clinical interview with mental status examination, diagnosis, and appropriate referrals to needed services for adult consumers.

CSS staff is available as needed for crisis intervention day or night, weekday, weekend, and holidays.  Implementing a solid community based service program depends on staff who are willing to participate in crisis as necessary.  Safety is an important component and at night or in a serious situation, pairs of staff respond.

SAVELINE crisis intervention service which provides 24-hour emergency telephone line response with masters level clinicians available for psychiatric interventions, mental health reform screenings, and diversion from inpatient hospitalization.  Appropriate referrals for services are also accommodated.

This apartment complex located at 2910 North Joplin, Pittsburg, is administratively managed by the Wichita Kansas Mental Health Association.  The support services are provided by our center to the residents living here.  This is a permanent housing complex that is comprised of ten (10) apartments.

Nursing services are provided by registered nurses who offer medication monitoring, teaching, problem solving, liaison between the consumer, physician, hospital, family, etc.  Nurses are available Monday through Friday and on an as needed basis.  Nurses go into the community to consumer’s homes to deliver medication boxes, assess medical problems, administer shots, and for crisis intervention.

Oak Place is an eleven (11) unit or twenty-one (21) bed apartment complex that is transitional in nature.  Transitional means this housing arrangement is not permanent, however, one can stay for at least one year, and more if needed.  Oak Place provides a safe environment for an individual to learn to live independently before moving out into the community.  Our constant rate of capacity is 90%.

The liaisons to OSH assist with consumers from their catchment area admitted to the State Hospital.  Liaisons begin discussing discharge with the consumer and staff on admission.   The liaisons are a strong base to assist in bringing consumers back to the community.

The CSS program accepts students from PSU Nursing, Social Work and Psychology Departments and KU, on occasion.  Nursing students are matched up with consumers in the community facilitated by case managers in the initial meetings.