Substance Abuse

Case Management is a consumer-focused program based on the strengths perspective.  Case management services in the addiction field are a set of services offered to assist the recovery person in accessing and coordinating community resources that would support their abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.  Case management services facilitate the consumer’s recovery and provides Continuing Care to men and women completing reintegration or day treatment programs.  Consumers are offered a combination of group therapy and education to furnish them with tools for future success.

Intermediate Treatment provides a regimen of structured services in a 24-hour residential setting. They are housed in our Addiction Treatment Center where they can reside safely. For the typical resident in an intermediate treatment program, the effects of the substance abuse on the individual’s life are so significant, and the resulting level of impairment so great, that a less intensive modality of treatment is not feasible or effective. This program consists of individual, group, and/or family counseling, life skills, recreational groups, and self-help support meetings.

Outpatient Treatment is designed to help individuals achieve changes in their substance abuse behaviors. Treatment shall address an individual’s major lifestyle, attitudinal and behavioral problems that have the potential to undermine the goals of treatment. This program consists of group, individual and/or family counseling.

Reintegration provides 24-hour residential living of a supportive nature for recovering alcoholics and/or drug dependent women and their children.  Residents benefit from a structured program of individual and group counseling, recreational and social activities, milieu therapy and case management services. Reintegration treatment assists women and their children in crossing the bridge of treatment back to the community, once stabilized in their recovery.

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